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Hey everyone!!!! Welcome to my page, where I can do whatever I want, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think and what I can do to make it better

Okay,  I'm a regular 13 year old who goes to middle school. My life isnt that intresting. It's really quite boring. Created this site cause I was bored, I guess it's okay, only i cant decide what color the letters should be. Anyway, I'm 5ft 1in dark brown hair and eyes. Tan skin, love music, fav type is any type of rock. I like classical to. I love running and swimming, and toys, and games, and veido games and um... i think thats all, play the flute, and the gutair. What else about me, oh ya, I have a very short attention spand. ooo, a butterfly *runs off*

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If you want me to post your B-day on here email it to me. anyway, no events coming up unless you count report cards.

The girl up there^, yep her, well I have no clue who she is, tell me if you do okay.

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So Cute^-^

I find the show really really annoying but the charecters in there are really adorible.